is the new, global hub for PCB procurement. From now on, buying high quality PCBs will be simpler, faster and a better experience than ever before. 

A radical service. At the right time.

Copperdot is disrupting the old, complex and slow way of sourcing PCBs that everyone is used to.

Products are now being designed more quickly, with increased functionality and a higher expectation of innovation from the consumer. PCBs are often the beating heart of these products. So their importance is unprecedented. And their supply is a priority.

Copperdot is removing the complexity, accelerating turnaround time and bringing genuine innovation to the entire process. Starting now.

We know the challenges you're facing.

PCB manufacture has largely moved to Asia, where labour costs are lower. But, affordability comes at a price.

When a client deals with a factory on the other side of the world, language and cultural differences can risk costly misunderstandings.

On top of this, the PCB industry is unregulated. Which means that, often, lots of work needs to be done to make sure everyone understands the specifications required.

Uncertainty is replaced by confidence.

Copperdot will orchestrate the entire PCB production process on your behalf. Leaving you free to concentrate on developing a great product.

We can collaborate with you to perfect an optimized design, or match your finished designs with manufacturers. This is straightforward to us because we know the specific expertise of different suppliers.

All you need to do is look forward to receiving your PCBs on time, confident that they will perform exactly as expected. Wherever you are in the world.

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Superhuman operations.

We use AI to accelerate the quoting, supplier selection and design opimization processes.

These tasks are usually time consuming but AI automates the admin in clever, quicker ways.

Shortening this initial step edits the production cycle and means you get your PCBs faster. So you can bring your products to market faster.

Bosch-grade quality.

Copperdot’s benchmark is hard to beat. Because we are part of Bosch.

As one of the world’s most trusted product brands, Bosch has spent decades building relationships with PCB manufacturers - across the globe - whose products exceed normal quality standards.

We have a direct relationship with these suppliers and can promise quality that is often admired but seldom equaled.

Universally local.

At Copperdot, we have colleagues on the ground and on the factory floor where manufacturing takes place. In over one hundred countries.

These people are not only technical experts, they are locals, too. So language and cultural barriers simply don’t exist.

This extraordinary focus lessens the risk of disappointment and increases the likelihood of total satisfaction.

Perfect bundle.

As you shop around for PCB suppliers you will usually be given the choice between quality or price or service, as if they are mutually exclusive.

Copperdot’s unique way of working means we excel in all three aspects. So you can have the quality you wish for at a price you are willing to pay, without compromising on service.

Win, win, win.

New and experienced.

In addition to exceptional talent, we have selected a team that brings together decades of hands-on experience.

This combination means you get all the benefits of a new enterprise, with all its freshness and energy, mixed with the wisdom of experience.

Do you want a reliable business partner?

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Copperdot is different and the team behind it is remarkable.

We are a strong team of purpose-driven, enthusiastic experts willing to walk that extra mile to make buying high quality PCBs simpler, faster and a better experience than ever before.

We believe that smart and efficient procurement has simplicity at its core.

To foster courage, openness and creativity, we work on an eye-to-eye-level and fully trust each-other, as we do with our customers.

Changing the way the world buys PCBs will create disruption, and it’s going to take not only a talented but dedicated team to make the vision a reality.

Copperdot's team join with many years of valuable industry experience. They are complimented by energetic, positive leaders who see the huge potential for prosperity and growth in the sector.

It is a wonderful mix of skills to face the future with.

Dr. Philipp Spies

I enjoy new challenges and working on new business ideas - that’s why I am always eager to find solutions which make life easy. This motivation perfectly matches the driving force behind this business.

My goal is to lead Copperdot and transform the PCB industry towards simplicity, with the aim to facilitate PCB procurement in 5 minutes in the future. The aim is to deliver a fully integrated E2E procurement which provides our customers instant price, design, quality and manufacturability feedback.

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Benjamin Ohse

In a world where business life is continuously becoming more and more complex, I am driven by efficiency, effectiveness and making things easier.

Copperdot makes PCB procurement service simpler, faster and better. It starts with design consulting powered by AI, continues with a full supply chain management, including production qualification as well as quality control and ends with an overall satisfied customer.

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Carmelo Campagnone

I am motivated to combine years of expertise in the field of PCBs with new ideas to transform the industry. To support our customers to act quicker and more cost effective while still getting the quality they aim for is my number one target.

At Copperdot, we are able to adjust to changes very quickly. From price to manufacturing optimization, we support you every step of the way. So you benefit from all our collective value- adding expertise.

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